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About Us

Human and Machine Safety,

The KBT brand offers you products manufactured in accordance with the heavy industry so that you can reliably protect and monitor your conveyor belt systems. All products are 100% manufactured in Turkey all, kinds of customization are provided when desired. All models in our product group are designed to withstand extreme conditions and are produced in high quality.

The important advantages we offer to our valued customers are; our technical excellence, industrial expertise, short delivery times and production of high quality products. Our goal is to support you in the field of 'monitoring' in heavy industry conveyor belt systems. It is also to maximize your safety responsibility by supporting you.

The important advantages we offer to our valued customers are; our technical excellence, our industrial expertise, our short delivery times and high quality product production.

We have been in the industry for many years, in-depth market knowledge, proximity to end users and many years of experience in mechanical engineering are reflected in the finest detail in our products. We would like to state that we offer all our products to you, our customers, after long R&D and testing phases.

We serve many industrial sectors such as mining, agriculture, glass, cement with our conveyor belt security systems, also called moving bands. In this sense, KBT is a candidate to be a industrial security equipment provider among the world's leading heavy industry.

We offer versatile solutions to our customers with our product range that includes many different types such as Lever Belt Misalignment Switches, Pull Cord Emergency Switch, Tilt Switch etc.

You can use our products manufactured in accordance with international security standards and necessary certificates in your system easily and safely.

It has standards such as CE, EAC, TSE, ISO, ATEX.

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