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What is a Conveyor Belt? History and Usage Areas of Conveyor Belts

What is a Conveyor Belt?

The conveyor system is the mechanism that minimizes manpower in distribution and transfer. Conveyor belts are the most important transportation vehicles used in the horizontal or inclined transportation of solid materials over long distances.

Operating using two rotating pulleys to move the material, these conveyor belt systems can consist of an infinite number of hooks, gears, buckets and large rubber belts.

In addition to mobile belts, stationary use conveyor belts are also produced according to the preference of the enterprises. Mobile conveyor belts have on wheels and can be easily moved to any desired location. They also have an adjustable mechanism for use on inclined areas.

In addition to being used in many areas such as material transportation, loading, unloading, stocking and taking from stock, conveyor belts have common areas of use in daily life from industry to airports.

History of Conveyor Belt

Revolutions in the development of these mechanical tools often resulted from making the belt material of higher quality and usable. In the early days, conveyor belts were made of leather using the strength of the slope.

Towards the end of the 18th century, the oldest sliding belts used to add agricultural products to ships were transported on wooden beds using manpower. Later, in the journey of conveyors in history, the movement provided by the engine power and the force of gravity.

As in every field, these machines started to make technological progress with the industrial revolution.

·The first steel tape was introduced in Sweden in 1901.

·The first of today's modern developments started in the 1970s with the use of plastic in tape manufacturing.

·Nowadays, this industry has reached its peak with the inclusion of nano technology.

Conveyor Systems Selection Factors

Conveyor belts, which are in contact with the product of this closed circuit system, are the most important material to be considered while creating the conveying system.

The material of the tape to be used depends on the feature of the product to be used. The material of the conveyor belts can be fabric, rubber, leather, metal or thermoplastic. On the other hand, the belt dimensions and weight that the belt can weigh are very important.

For more detailed information about conveyor belt selection criteria, you can browse our article titled "Conveyor Belt Types and Their Applications".

Benefits of Using Conveyor Belt Systems

Conveyor belt systems are indispensable mechanical apparatuses with their cheapness, ease of use, wide usage range from small objects to giant industrial products.

  There are the benefits of conveyor belts;

·Large transmission flow rate,

·Very low energy requirement,

·Low investment and low service costs,

·Stable and trouble free transportation of products,

·It is easy to use,

·Less manpower and higher productivity


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