EX Proof

It is designed for conveyor belts in environments where the risk of explosion is high.It is used for safety in Petroleum, Pharmaceutical Factories, Natural Gas, Coal Mines and Iron and Steel Industry, hazardous and explosive environments.

Explosion Proof Switches for Belt Conveyors (Explosion Resistant)

The ex conveyor switch, designed to stop misaligned or out of alignment conveyor belts, provides a great advantage in the industrial field by preventing many material and moral problems. Thanks to the band switches that can be used in many industrial applications, the safety problem is solved to a great extent. Products known as band slip switches with ex arm due to their Ex certificate are highly resistant to gaseous environment. These products, which can be used especially in explosive areas, are widely used in this area of ​​the industrial process. It includes ex arm belt slip switch, explosion proof rope emergency stop switch and ex conveyor belt position switch. This series is especially popular in industrial areas containing explosive gas.

Belt slip switch with explosion proof arm is an important switch that provides emergency response in case of conveyor belt slippage. It closes the tape and thus both protects the lives of the workers and prevents material damages that may occur. Made of stainless steel, the product is suitable for use for many years. It survives in the harshest conditions of the industry, as it is suitable for use in areas that can reach up to -30 and +85 degrees. Ex position switch is also alarmed due to misalignment of the conveyor belt. It shuts down the system and then the conveyor belt needs to be straightened. Thanks to this product, also known as limit switch, it is possible to get an idea about the flow path of the band. The product, which does not need any maintenance, can also be used for many years. Products produced in accordance with international standards are compatible with both the world and especially the Russian market.

Ex proof emergency stop system is also known as cord emergency stop system. The product, which is protected against explosive gases like other products, is also against oxidation due to its structure. This system controls both the conveyor belt and the machine. Sudden interventions are possible with the emergency stop switch, which is completely prepared for heavy and difficult conditions. If the product produced for use at certain distances is preferred, it can also be produced for long distances. Products that do not need maintenance do not compromise on quality.