Conveyor Belt and
Machine Safety

Conveyor belt and machine safety products are important parts that adjust conveyor belts. With these safety products used in conveyor belts and machines, both human life is protected and a longer and more efficient operation is observed. The products considered as machine safety products completely prevent the disruption of production. Conveyor belts and machines are quite expensive products. For this reason, products such as rope emergency stop switches are required for the protection and long-term use of these products. Conveyor belt alignmnet switches are also necessary for machine and conveyor belt safety. Products with different working systems also have different working principles. However, Conveyor belt and machine safety products serve the same purpose. Conveyor belt registration switches used in heavy-duty areas have an alarm system. Rope emergency stop switches, on the other hand, serve the same purpose and work by pulling the rope. The business area in which it will be used affects the choice of conveyor belt security products. Position limit switch is also an important part of heavy duty. It is very important in terms of providing the opportunity to view the movements existing in tape systems. The product serves its purpose with its feature of transmitting an alarm directly to the control system. The one-way rope pull switch is also operated as an emergency stop switch. These products are accompanied by a conveyor belt damage switch. The damage switch, also known as the damage detector, works by mounting to the conveyor belt system. It prevents heavy damages that may occur as a result of slippage in conveyor belts and machines. In this way, it detects damage instantly and prevents large amounts of damage in a short time. It is very advantageous for companies that work intensively. Conveyor belts are used in many sectors today, while conveyor belt security systems accompany them.