Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switch

Conveyor safety accessories designed to alarm and/or shut down conveyor systems in the event of a conveyor belt misalignment.The heavy duty rugged design makes them suitable for most industrial applications. The purpose of the product to reduce time loss, maintenance costs, ensure safety and reduce costs. Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switch is also called Belt Alignment Switch

Conveyor Belt Alignment Switch

Belt alignment switch is an important and necessary product designed to protect safety in the conveyor belt system. It performs location determination for possible damages that may occur on the conveyor belt. In addition to preventing the loss of time during error finding, it also ensures the safety of the workers. At this stage, the conveyor alignment belt switch, which should be on every conveyor belt, are robust products suitable for industrial use

Conveyor belt alignment systems, of course, besides being a system, are also susceptible to deterioration and possible malfunctions. However, since conveyor belts have an important place both in production and in the transportation process, the deterioration of these belts or a possible error in the system prolongs the process, and while it negatively affects the cost, it can also harm many people's lives. It is possible to prevent all this with one tool. Conveyor belt alignment switch will alarm and stop the system completely in case of emergency. This avoids problems.

These switches, also known as conveyor belt misalignment switches, are open to sudden action and there is no jam or pause in the system. Conveyor belts have different types among themselves, although their materials may vary, each of them is suitable for industrial design. Products that are resistant to hit and heavy conditions may have aluminum body oil in some cases, while some may also have composite or metal casting bodies. Depending on the preference and the requirements, there are alarm and stop angle options, as well as products with 2NO/2NC contact mechanism.

As KBT Electric, all the products we produce have CE and EAC standards, there are also products with an assembly structure suitable for USA field facilities. Although this varies according to the purpose of the use and the preference in the industrial field, the purpose of each is common. The aim here is to prevent possible misalignment of the conveyor belt and to intervene immediately. Band alignment switch is also effective in this process. With the method that calculates the slope and the slip, the belt alignment problem is also solved and the system can be restarted.

The conveyor belt alignment switch is resistant to very high temperatures and extreme cold, depending on the switch itself. In this way, it has become a product that can serve in many parts of the world and in many industrial areas. It is possible to access the necessary assembly products for this product, which is mounted on the body, by contacting us.