NSR66-BM3 Belt Misalignment Switch


  • Cast Aluminum Body
  • It is resistant to blow and heavy conditions.
  • 2NO / 2NC Angular Contact Mechanism
  • Suitable assembly structure in USA field plant
  • It has CE and EAC Standards.
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NSR66-BM3 Belt Misalignment Switch

NSR66-BM3 Belt Misalignment Switch is a conveyor belt safety accessory that prevents damages to belts and equipment due to a misalignment condition of the conveyor belt systems.

NSR66-BM3 switches will allow you to reduce the downtime and maintenance associated costs.

Materials used:

The robust die-cast aluminum housing with an epoxy-based powder coating and all stainless-steel external hardware.

Safety Features:

The heavy-duty rugged design makes them suitable for most industrial applications that require long-term reliable equipment.

General Description:

They are normally placed 0,30m -1,80m from the head and tail pulley on both sides of the belt. The roller arm positioned approximately 2,54cm-7,62cm from the normal belt position.

Certifications and Standards:

The microswitch used in products is VDE approved. All KBT Electric products are produced in accordance with CE and EAC standards.

Technicial Specifications

Enclosure  Aluminum Casting NEMA-4
Micro Switch Values​ 15A @ 115-230 VAC, 30 VDC
Output Signal (2) SPDT (Alarm,Closure)
Cable Entry​ 2xM25
Temperature Rating -42°C - +80°C
Movement Angle 15° and 25°
Mounting Structure  It is suitable for double-sided use.
Protection Class  IP67
Warranty Period 36 Months

Approvals for Safety

Electrical Safety IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
IEC 60947-1: 2004-03
Mechanical Safety ​ IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
Functional Safety​ IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
Outdoor/Noise/ Vibration IEC 60529: 2001-02
Certificate​ CE


Cranes, Shaveles and Drag Lines
Convensional Conveyor Belts
Piston Conveyors
Shuttle Conveyors
Ship Loading / Unloading Systems
Stockplile / Reclaim Systems
Crawler Conveyors
Heavy Duty Applications

Model Specifications List


Structure of Contact Reset
Alarm Stop
NSR66-BM3 1 1 1 1 ---