NSR51HT Series

  • Aluminum Die Casting Enclosure
  • High Temperature and Impact Resistant
  • Operating Microswitches at Different Angles
  • IP67 Protection Class
  • CE, EAC Standards
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NSR51HT Series

NSR51 Heavy Duty Industrial Limit Switches are designed to ensure safety of machinery and industrial equipment under tough working conditions. They are mounted on both sides of the conveyor belts and used to alarm and shut down systems. Reduces downtime and saves maintenance costs. Due to its design with maximum security in mind, the product is very durable and resistant to environmental effects. Anti-static powder coated metal enclosure is resistant against corrosion, heavy impacts and high temperatures. Shaft mechanisms are made of stainless steel. NSR51 series products do not require any maintenance. All models conform to CE (European Union) and EAC (Eurasian Customs Union) standards. Microswitches used in these products are VDE approved.

Technical Specifications

Enclosure Aluminum Alloy Die Cast
Micro Switch Values AC250V/10A
Output Signal Min. 1 NC + 1 NO
Yüksek Sıcaklık Tipi için -20 °C ~ + 180 °C
Contact Structure Snap Action Switch 
Protection Class IP67
Weight 2.27 kg
Installation Structure Suitable for using at double side
Mechanical Operation Frequency Alarm Angle is 12°,  Stopping Angle 45°
Mechanical Life 5,000,000 Switching
Warranty Period 36 Months

Security Approvals

Electrical Security  EN60947-5-1  
Mechanical Security   EN 60204
Outdoor Security EN 60529
Current Certificate CE
Russia Market EAC
Micro Switch VDE


Mounting Plate
Signal lamp

Model Specifications List

Product Code Format Bidirectional
Movement to
Right Side



NSR51-LS-00 Roller Arm x     x   x   x1
NSR51-LS-01 Roller Arm x     x   x   x2
NSR51-LS-02 Roller Arm x     x   x   x1
NSR51-LS-03 Roller Arm x     x   x   x2
NSR51-LS-61 Roller Arm x       x x   x2
NSR51-LS-63 Roller Arm x       x x   x2
NSR51-LS-91 Roller Arm     x     x   x2
NSR51-LS-93 Roller Arm     x     x   x2
NSR51-LS-5530 Double Roller Arm             x x1
NSR51-LS-5531 Double Roller Arm             x x2


Resistant to heavy conditions.
The enclosure uses aluminum alloy die cast
Mounting flanges are resistant to intense force.
Resistant to high temperatures and instantaneous temperature changes
The actuator part has a large total travel (TT), so it can be used as a switch
High mechanical strength can be fully utilized
 Excellent environmental resistance

Protective structure: The oil seal on the shaft and the O-ring seal on the cover provide an exterior immersion,

oil and dust resistant structure.

It has high durability against high vibration and shock performance
It is mechanically long-lasting with roller bearings.