Conveyor Belt Position Switch

Position Limit Switch is utilized to monitor the position of heavy moving machinery such as a gravity take-up or a tripper car.Once the roller actuator arm is moved from its normal position the  two 2 micro switches are tripped.The micro switches can be used to send an alarm to the control system or operator telling it or them to either shut off or move the piece of heavy machinery. This alarm commands the mechanism to stop or move.

Conveyor Belt Limit Switch

The position limit switch is an important tool that determines the position of the conveyor belt and its ratio. In this product, which is used to display positions, micro switches are free and it also has the feature of sending news to the operator when necessary. The position limit switch, which does this with the alarm system, can also send an alarm to the control system in some cases. After the alarm, the conveyor belt system is stopped and then moved at the required time.

This product, which is designed to shut down the system in case of a problem in the alignment of the conveyor or any other possible problem, is designed for industrial areas. The product, which is one of the conveyor belt switch types, provides instant intervention in emergency situations due to its fast and practical operation. In this way, while preventing many financial problems, it also prioritizes worker safety. The switch, which prevents the workers working around the conveyor belt from being damaged in case of a possible explosion or malfunction, has a simple working mechanism. The position switch is mounted on the chassis in accordance with the instructions and does not require maintenance. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove it at certain times and stop production. This is a great advantage in terms of production. The cylindrical arm in the product moves regularly and thus the working process begins. The product with a movement angle of 25 degrees optionally has systematic movements between 15 degrees and 35 degrees. After 35 degrees, it gives an alarm and goes into a warning state. The product, which can operate between -55 degrees and 100 degrees and is not damaged, is suitable for use almost anywhere in the world and in all types of industries. The product with CE certificate also has EAC compliance for the Russian market. This product, which can be used in many countries, also has a facilitating effect in trade.

Lever Limit Switches for Belt Conveyors

Conveyor limit switch, which has different types in itself, also includes different features. Depending on the protection classes and contact mechanisms, the products can be used in different industries. Each product is impact resistant and suitable for continuous use. Position limit switch, also known as limit switch, is suitable for use in many different industrial areas due to its completely difficult conditions.