Heavy Duty
Limit Switch

Limit switches are demanded in many sectors for machine, human and work safety. Our limit switch products, which are suitable for heavy industry, are produced to withstand harsh conditions. The basic operating principle of Limit Switch, is the products that give a signal when an object in motion leaves its motion area. It transforms the mechanical effect into electrical information. The main features of KBT NSR51 series limit switch / mechanical sensor types are high temperature resistance. It is used in many sectors such as mining, iron and steel, and conveyor systems exposed to high temperatures. It also has IP67 protection. Installation of KBT limit switches are quite easy.

Limit Switch

Limit switch, also called limit switch, is one of the important products that provide safety in the industrial field. It is at the forefront of being able to be used even in tough industrial areas and being able to withstand even high temperatures and high temperatures. During the machine or conveyor belt use of the product, also called the limit switch, it detects a part or anything that is moving in the wrong direction, and immediately intervenes. The product, which performs the necessary operations by signaling, can be used in many sectors. So much so that in many industrial areas, it has the feature of taking the necessary precautions in terms of both material and human health.

These products, which can withstand especially high temperatures, can do their job up to 190 degrees. This is the main reason why it is called as heavy industry limit switch. It is specially designed to be preferred in heavy industry where high heat is used in general.

Heavy duty limit switch products are installed on both sides of the machine or conveyor belt. Then, when there is an element that threatens the safety of both the environment, the employees and the work done, the system takes action and works instantly. The product, which does not cause any damage during assembly to the machine, does not need any special care for itself. 12 degrees is given for the out-of-line angle of a conveyor belt. At 12 degrees, the alarm warning system will be activated. However, there is no stopping at this stage. A 45-degree angle is set as the stopping angle, thus preventing a lot of damage.

The product, which is produced in full compliance with CE standards, is also used in trade. It is produced in accordance with the Russian market and also meets EAC standards. Signal light or alarm add-on is optional. These can be added or removed later. There will be no corrosion problem in the product obtained by aluminum alloy casting. The product is also produced to be resistant to water, dust and oil. The limit switch, which is ready not only for high temperature changes, but also for instantaneous temperature changes, does not show a negative reaction against vibration and shock. Its internal parts are also long-lasting, so it can be used for many years without maintenance.