Safety Products

Crane Limit Switch

Crane safety products are used as a system that instantly detects and stops situations such as explosions and malfunctions of cranes. Cranes are very wide-ranging products. Cranes, which have a very complex system, must have safety precautions. That's why crane safety products exist. Crane safety measures cover everyone working in and around the crane. In this way, it protects the crane and everyone around it in many ways. Many financial losses are prevented with crane safety products. For this reason, many companies and people in need of cranes also benefit from crane safety products. These products are diversified depending on the need. The position limit switch / cross fork switch product has two different body types. The product, which is divided into metal and ABS plastic body, can be preferred depending on the cranes. KSA series tour / drum limit switch products accompany them. Position limit switch products have different series. In addition to these, there is also a spring return limit switch. Spring return roller switch differs only in terms of system. Crane safety products serve the same purpose. However, diversity is widespread in terms of application form.

The scope of limit switch products, which ensure the safety of cranes, depends on their rotation. Its spring return and its rotation in the form of a tour ensure the diversification of the products. The products have different rotation angles such as 55 degrees and 90 degrees. Products suitable for use in industrial areas are made of aluminum casting material. It is made of metal material with arm section.