TPR1520 Rotary Limit Switch (ABS Plastic Enclosure)

  • ABS Plastic Enclosure
  • 200 mm or 300 mm Crossbar Options
  • Movement Angle: 360° Max. with 90° Steps
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • Conforms to CE and EAC Standards
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TPR1520 Rotary Limit Switch (ABS Plastic Enclosure)

TPR1520 Rotary Limit Switches are designed for hoisting and mechanical applications. Ensures maximum safety with high performance. It is mounted on crane walkway and used for applications like indicating machinery position, shutting down the system or alarms.

The product is suitable for reliable long term usage in most industrial applications due to it's durable design. ABS thermoplastic enclosure is corrosion proof. TPR1520 series products do not require any maintenance.

All models conform to CE (European Union) and EAC (Eurasian Customs Union) standards. Rotary switches used in these products are UL approved

Technical Specifications

Enclosure ABS Thermoplastic
Rotary Switch Rating 690 V / 20A
Cable Gland PG13,5
Temperature Rating -55°C to +100°C
Rotation Angle 360° in 90° steps
Protection Class IP65
Enclosure Color Red (RAL 3020) and Black (RAL 9005)
Mounting Type Directly to Switch Body
Mechanical Endurance 100000 cycles
Impact Rating IK08 (EN 62262)
Warranty Period 24 Months

Safety Standards

Electrical Safety EN 60947
Mechanical Safety EN 60204
Outdoor Safety EN 60529
Impact Resistance EN 62262
Certificates CE,EAC
Micro switches are VDE approved.


Custom Contact Angles
Custom Arm Dimensions

Model Specifications


Bar Length Model Bar Length
TPR1520-C1 300 mm TPR1520-C1B 200 mm
TPR1520-C2 300 mm TPR1520-C2B 200 mm
TPR1520-C3 300 mm TPR1520-C3B 200 mm
TPR1520-C4 300 mm TPR1520-C4B 200 mm
TPR1520-C5 300 mm TPR1520-C5B 200 mm
TPR1520-C6 300 mm TPR1520-C6B 200 mm