KSA Rotary Limit Switch

  • ABS Plastic Enclosure
  • 1:6 to 1:100 Ratio Options
  • 2, 3 or 4 Microswitch Options
  • IP67 Protection Class
  • 8 mm or 12 mm Shaft Options
  • Conforms to CE and EAC Standards
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KSA Rotary Limit Switch

KSA Series Rotary Limit Switches are used for controlling various industrial machinery's movements, especially in crane and lifting applications. The shaft on the switch is connected to the machinery it controls. After specific number of rotations, the cam on the shaft will connect with internal switches and they will actuate. This feature will help you control your machinery.

Cams can be selected between three angles. This enables working with precision. Number of rotations can be set between 1:6 and 1:100. Switches can be made with 2, 3 or 4 contacts upon request.

Can be used in many industrial applications for years due to it's high quality manufacturing process and quality.

Technical Specifications

Enclosure Thermoplastic
Micro Switch Rating 250 VAC 3A
Output Signal Max. 4 NC + 4 NO
Cable Gland M16x1,5
Temperature Rating -25°C to +70°C
Contact Type Snap-action
Protection Class IP67
Enclosure Color Black (RAL 9005)
Weight 300 g
Mounting Orientation It is suitable for single-sided use.
Drive Type Worm Drive
Shaft Diameter 8 mm or 12 mm optional.
Mechanical Life 2 x 1000000 Cycles

Safety Standards

Electrical Safety EN 60947
Mechanical Safety EN 60204
Outdoor Safety EN 60529
Certificates CE, EAC
Micro switches are VDE approved.


Cam Type/Angle
8 mm or 12 mm Shaft Diameter

Model Specifications


2 Contacts 3 Contacts 4 Contacts
1:6 KSA06-2B KSA06-3B KSA06-4B
1:9 KSA09-2B KSA09-3B KSA09-4B
1:15 KSA15-2B KSA15-3B KSA15-4B
1:25 KSA25-2B KSA25-3B KSA25-4B
1:35 KSA35-2B KSA35-3B KSA35-4B
1:50 KSA50-2B KSA50-3B KSA50-4B
1:75 KSA75-2B KSA75-3B KSA75-4B
1:100 KSA100-2B KSA100-3B KSA100-4B
1:150 KSA150-2B KSA150-3C KSA150-4C
1:175 KSA175-2B KSA175-3C KSA175-4C
1:200 KSA200-2B KSA200-3C KSA200-4C