NSR75-PR-EX Pull Rope Emergency Stop Switch

  • Aluminum Casting Structure
  • ATEX Certified for Dangerous Environment
  • Suitable for max 125m
  • CE, EAC Standards
  • 2 Year Exchange Warranty
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NSR75-PR-EX Pull Rope Emergency Stop Switch

NSR75-PR-EX Pull Rope Emergency Stop Switches are designed for shutting down a conveyor belt or machinery and assuring system safety in hazardous environments where explosions could occur. They are mounted alongside the conveyor belt, with tensioned steel cords attached to the switch. When the cable is pulled or the cable loses its tension, the switch will actuate and system will shut down. Then the switch can be reset manually with resetting lever.

The product is suitable for reliable long term usage in most industrial applications. Can be used in dusty and dirty due to its IP67 protection class. Enclosure is aluminum cast, shaft mechanism is stainless steel and the resetting lever is made of durable plastic. NSR75-PR-EX series products do not require any maintenance.

Cable span is 75 m or 125 m in only one way, distance depends on the applicaton. All models can be equipped with an alarm switch and signal light so alarming switch can be spotted from distance. Standard product's contact structure is 1NO+1NC. If requested, 2NO+2NC is available.

NSR75-PR-EX is Ex-Proof (ATEX certified). With its protection against dust ingress, it is reliable in explosive athmosphere. All models conform to CE (European Union) and EAC (Eurasian Customs Union) standards. Microswitches used in these products are VDE approved.

We recommend tested and approved KBT Connection Equipment for installation.

Technical Specifications

Enclosure Aluminum Casting
Micro Switch Rating 240 V 3A 
Output Signal 1NC+1NO, 1NC+2NO, 2NC+1NO, 2NC+2NO
Temperature Rating -30°C to +85°C
Contact Type Snap-action
Mounting Bolts 4 x M5
Protection Class IP67
Enclosure Color Black (RAL 9005)
Weight 630g 
Mounting Orientation Can be mounted on single side.
Actuation Force <125N 
Mechanical Endurance 1,000,000 cycles
Warranty Period 24 Months

Safety Standards

Electrical Safety EN 60947-5-1
Mechanical Safety EN 60204
Outdoor Safety EN 60529
Impact Resistance EN 62262
Certificates CE, EAC
Micro switches are VDE approved.


Mounting Bracket
Signal Light and Alarm

EX Definition

II 2D Ex tb IIIC Db T85°C    IP66/68 

Model Specifications

Model Contact Structure
NSR75-PR-11-EX 1 1
NSR75-PR-2C1A-EX 2 1
NSR75-PR-2A1C-EX 1 2
NSR75-PR-22-EX 2 2

*75 metres rope length


Model Contact Structure
NSR75BL-PR-11-EX 1 1
NSR75BL-PR-2C1A-EX 2 1
NSR75BL-PR-2A1C-EX 1 2
NSR75BL-PR-22-EX 2 2

*125 metres rope length