NSR22-PR Pull Cord Switch


  • Cast Aluminum Body
  • It is resistant to blow and heavy conditions.
  • 2x50m Right and Left Rope Connection Distance
  • 3NO / 3NC Snap Action Contact Structure
  • IP68 Protection Class
  • It has CE and EAC Standards.
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NSR22-PR Pull Cord Switch

NSR22-PR Pull Cord Switch(also called a rope switch)is a conveyor belt safety accessory designed to check and shut down conveyor systems in the event of a conveyor belt misalignment.

NSR22-PR series of products do not require maintenance.

Materials used:

The body structure is cast aluminum and is protected with oven paint. Shaft mechanisms are made of stainless steel and Arm mechanisms are made of hard plastic.

Uses and Applications:

It can be mounted on the application area with a steel rope. Also, it can operate by moving on one side or on both sides of a conveyor. If the ropes are pulled from one direction, the system is locked and the switches go to the stop position, then it is returned to normal with Manual reset.

Safety Features:

The heavy-duty rugged design makes them suitable for most industrial applications.

General Description:

Dimensions are 2x50 meters standard distance to the right and left. It has a 1NO + 1NC contact structure in the standard.

Available modifications as per request:

-           The alarm and signal lights can be added to all models

-           It can be used at the longer distances

-           3NO + 3NC contact structure can be applied

Certifications and Standards:

The microswitch used in products is VDE approved. All KBT Electric products are produced in accordance with CE and EAC standards.

Technicial Specifications

Enclosure​ Aluminum Casting
Micro Switch Values 400VAC 6A / 230VAC 8A / 24VDC 10A
Output Signal​ (1) SPDT shutdown, alarm can be added upon request.
Cable Entry  2xM25
Temperature Rating​ -55°C - +100°C
Movement Angle 25°
Contact Status​ Snap - Action
Protection Class​ IP68
Enclosure​ Color​ Red RAL 3020
Weight​ 3.2 Kg
Mounting Structure​ It is suitable for double-sided and single- sided use.
Warranty Period 36 Months

Security Approvals

Electrical Security​ EN60947
Mechanical Security ​ EN 60204
Outdoor Security ​ EN 60529
Current Certificate​ CE
Russia Market​ EAC
Micro Switch VDE


Bus Security Interface
BMC Composite Body (Anti - Oksitlenme)
Signal lamp

Model Specifications List


Structure of Contact Optional
NC NO    Signal Alarm+Signal
NSR22-PR 1 1 (LGT) (ALGT)
NSR22-PR-22 2 2 (LGT) (ALGT)
NSR22-PR-33 3 3 (LGT) (ALGT)

Spare Parts Accessories List

KB-826  1NO+1NC Switch
KB-826-2 2NO+2NC Switch
KB-826-3  3NO+3NC Switch
KB-R-01 M25x1,5 Cable Gland
KB-KT-01 M25 Blind Plug
KB-4-KN 4 Pin Connector
BA-11 Connection Mounting  Foot
KB-NGV-01 Body Cover
TSR-42-PR Aluminum Rope Connection Arm
KB-PM Reset Lever