NSR66-PR Pull Cord Switches


  • Aluminum Body
  • It is resistant to blow and heavy conditions.
  • 2x50m Right and Left Rope Connection Distance
  • 2NO / 2NC Snap Action Contact Structure
  • It has CE and EAC Standards.
  • Suitable assembly structure in USA field plant
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NSR66-PR Pull Cord Switches

NSR66-PR Pull Cord Switch is a conveyor belt safety accessory designed to interlock with conveyor shut down systems in the event of maintenance or emergency.

Materials used:

The robust die-cast aluminum housing with an epoxy-based powder coating and all stainless-steel hardware make them suitable for most heavy industrial applications.

Uses and Applications:

When force is applied to the cable, the actuator arm rotates and locks in the alarm position. This activates two 2 SPDT microswitches and the manual lockout. The switch can be reset by pressing down on the arm and releasing the manual reset lever.

Pull cord switches are mounted on the walkway side or anywhere a person can access the moving parts of a conveyor.

Safety Features:

The switches are connected by a safety cable that runs between the switch arms and can either be attached to the outer hole 6,80 Kg pull force or the second inner hole 11,34 Kg pull force.

The cables are secured by cable clamps after they are looped through the switch hole. The ends of the cable can either be a switch or a conveyor eye bolt secured with a clamp.

To prevent the pull cable from sagging, conveyor standoffs (eye bolts) are mounted every 3 meters. The distance between switches is dependent on the variations in temperature of the environment.

General Description:

Normal spacing based on a temperature of 60°C is a maximum distance of 45 Meters on inclined conveyors and 60 Meters on horizontal conveyors.

It can be up to 90 Meters in indoor environments and it should be 30 meters in extreme environments.

Certifications and Standards:

The microswitch used in products is VDE approved. All KBT Electric products are produced in accordance with CE and EAC standards.

Technicial Specifications

Enclosure Aluminum Casting NEMA-4
Micro Switch Values​ 15A @ 115-230 VAC, 30 VDC
Output Signal​ (2) SPDT (Alarm,Closure)
Cable Entry 2xM25
Temperature Rating​ -42°C - +80°C
Movement Angle 25°
Mounting Structure​ It is suitable for double-sided use.
Protection Class ​ IP67
Warranty Period 36 Months 

Approvals for Safety

Electrical Safety​ IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
IEC 60947-1: 2004-03
Mechanical Safety IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
Functional Safety​ IEC 60204-1: 2005-10
Outdoor/Noise/Vibration​ IEC 60529: 2001-02
Certificate​ CE


Cranes, Shaveles and Drag Lines
Convensional Conveyor Belts
Piston Conveyors
Shuttle Conveyors
Ship Loading / Unloading Systems
Stockplile / Reclaim Systems
Crawler Conveyors
Heavy Duty Applications

Model Specifications List


Structure of Contact Reset
NSR66-PR 2 2 Avaible