Conveyor Belt Damage Detector

It is used to control the damage of the belt in the conveyor system. It is called as belt damage detector. Double mounting is made to the bottom of the conveyor belt system. If the band is damaged, the rope is moved and the contacts are enabled.

Belt Tear Detector - Belt Damage Switches

Belt damage switch prevents possible problems in the conveyor system. Thanks to this tool, which undertakes the task of preventing long-term damage, it is possible to get rid of many permanent errors. The belt damage detector is placed on both sides and detects the damage immediately and moves the rope. This stops the system by providing the necessary alarm or warning. Although it is a simple and only technical working system, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation and assembly process.

Belt damage switch, also known as conveyor tear detector, has a safety-based working principle. Thanks to this system, which can intervene as soon as possible in case of possible damage to the belt, both the safety of the workers will be ensured and the material damage that may occur will be reduced. This product, which has CE standards, is also suitable for the Russian market. It has also taken a place in the Russian market by meeting EAC standards.

Belt Rip Detection

The working principle of the conveyor belt rip detector is realized as a result of the belt being damaged. As soon as the belt is damaged, the detectors located at both ends of the belt and connected to each other with a steel rope are activated. The steel rope is resistant to heat and cold and is made of stainless material. Therefore, it is as high quality as the product itself. Then the cable is disconnected and operates the micro switches. For this, the cable carries out the pulling process through the spring socket. The task of each of the two switches is different. One of the switches activates the alarm system. This alarm system can be of sound quality or it can be a personal alarm. The other switch has the feature of stopping the belt. Both the damage is prevented and the necessary notification is made and measures are taken as soon as possible. This is a factor that increases production in particular.

For the conveyor belt damage detector to work, it must be assembled. At this stage, it is recommended to choose top quality KBT rope fastening equipment.