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Conveyor Belt Maintenance and Repair

Conveyor belt finds its place in daily life, especially in many facilities. Conveyor belts, of which different types are seen, are preferred in many daily operations. Therefore, it is one of the most important parts of the production and transportation process. Such frequent use also brings with it many problems. However, even if there are no problems, the maintenance process is vitally important. For this reason, conveyor belts need regular maintenance and some repairs, if any. Conveyor belts are among the products that need regular attention in order to avoid disruptions in the production and transportation process. At the same time, conveyor belt maintenance and repair are among the elements to be considered in terms of occupational safety. A possible conveyor belt failure also puts life safety at risk.

How to Maintain Conveyor Belt?

Conveyor belt maintenance should be done at regular intervals. There are teams that understand conveyor belts and will provide technical support in this field. In this way, a possible damage detection and arrangement in conveyor belts is realized in a short time. These teams, who also know the types of conveyor belts, carry out periodic maintenance. It is also possible to use conveyor belts for a longer period of time with repair operations on conveyor belts. Conveyor belts are maintained in the first stage where the belt is located. Making the tape in place is very important in terms of saving time. However, in case of serious damage assessments or if the problem cannot be resolved there, then there may be a process such as transportation. All this comes out with the maintenance process. Since conveyor belts are required intensively, especially in facilities built for mining and processing, their maintenance is done much more frequently.

Damage Detection and Repair on Conveyor Belts

Damage detection is provided by the maintenance process on the conveyor belts. Then, in cases that require repair, the team starts the necessary work. Sometimes it is an easy process, but in some cases it can be a serious problem that takes longer. Conveyor belts are used in cement plants and in some places like this. For this reason, conveyor belts have intensive use and quick repair is very important in terms of production.