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Iron and Steel

Usage areas of KBT Products in Iron and Steel Factories

One of the important usage areas of many KBT brand products is Iron and Steel factories. The reason for this is that conveyor belts are used in iron and steel plants from the first to the last stage of production.

Iron ore and coal are the main raw materials shipped to plants by sea and rail. Shipped to the coke plant furnaces via conveyor belts, coal is converted into coke under high temperature and in an oxygen-free environment. This is the procedure of manufacturing coke, deemed necessary by blast furnaces.

Production process commences, as the raw material is brought to the plants. Coal is shipped to the coke plants to be subjected to the coking process whereas fine ore is shipped to the sinter plant for the sintering process. Sinter is produced after fine ore, iron flue dust/fine and oxide are dimensioned to a correct size at the sinter plants so that they can be utilized by the high blast furnaces. Subsequently, they are transferred to the blast furnaces via the conveyor belt system.

KBT Conveyor belt safety equipment is involved in all these shipping processes. The running belts are kept under constant control in terms of machine and personal safety. NSR51 series heavy industry limit switch products are produced to be resistant to all heavy conditions and high temperatures. While presenting our NSR51 series product to our customers we define it as an iron and steel factory limit switch. Its aluminum full casting enclosure and stainless steel internal parts and IP67 protection class provide suitability for use in this area.

In addition, the Plugged Chute Tilt Switch is preferred for steel factories to control the chute points or storage on the conveyor belt. KBT CB-39 series products are complete casting and have IP68 protection class. It is used to prevent and control the congestion in the band and silo connection points.