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High Temperature Resistant Limit Switch

Machine and Human Safety in Difficult Conditions

Limit switches are preferred for machine and human safety in many applications. We have products with different features. The most important feature of KBT NSR66 series limit switch products compared to their competitors is produced in a way that they can operate under the most difficult conditions.

The most important feature of NSR51 series products is their high temperature resistance. It is generally used in iron and steel factories, mine furnaces and high temperature environments. NSR51 is resistant up to 190 ° C. It can supply 10A-125,250,480VAC contact voltage. The NSR51 series, which has the highest level of IK tests, provides all suitability for harsh conditions.

The limit switches, which are not affected by weather conditions, are used outdoors with IP67 protection class. All internal parts of our product, the outer body of which is aluminum casting and static paint, are made of stainless steel. It can be sold as an internal micro switch repair kit upon request. Dust or water penetration is taken under control at the highest level with the silicone gasket inside the 3mm channel on the cover.

Limit Switch Connection

It has a simple assembly structure. These products have 4 different arm mechanisms. Freight elevators used in iron and steel factories are offered with conveyor belt or different arm options for machine safety.

Limit Switch Usage Areas:

  • -Machines exposed to high temperatures,
  • -Iron and steel factories,
  • -Heavy industry furnaces,
  • -Ship and port operations,
  • -Energy production facilities,
  • -Conveyor belt systems

NSR51 series is suitable to use.

KBT NSR51 series limit switches are designed to withstand the toughest industrial applications.


KBT offers a 3-year warranty on all products it manufactures.The outer body also provides free repair for breaks. It guarantees that the products are free from defective materials and faulty workmanship during the current warranty period. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by KBT, the standard product warranty of KBT is valid; For specific warranty details, please refer to your order confirmation or consult your local sales office. It is the buyer's responsibility to determine the suitability of the product. We believe that the information we provide is accurate and reliable as of this writing.