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Occupational Health and Safety in Mining Industry

Mining; It is called the removal of materials from underground that are not cultivated in agriculture, machinery or laboratory environments. Thanks to mining, metals such as iron, lead, gold and zinc can be extracted from underground. Mines extracted from underground are processed later and reach their own values. There are about 77 types of mines in Turkey. At this point, it is possible to say that we are a country that is rich in underground resources. Among the mines, the most famous ones, such as meerschaum and salt, are acquired through mining. As important as the mines are in the development of the country, the safety of the working environment is also important. For this reason, occupational safety should always be kept at the top in mining enterprises.

KBT Electricity company takes precautions against any possible negativity in mining conveyor belts. Thanks to the high-tech products it has developed, it continues its efforts to minimize the dangerous aspects of the mining business. KBT Electricity company provides services by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront with its products designed integrated with heavy working conditions.

Possible Mining Accidents in Mining Establishments

The financial gains of mining in terms of both energy and resources are higher than in many fields of business. However, it is a fact that mining poses a more life-threatening danger compared to other business fields. In this sense, there are many possible mining accidents:

∙ Methane gas, which is likely to leak from coal mines, can cause various poisoning.

∙ It can turn into a flammable and explosive substance as a result of mixing of gases such as magnesium and aluminum with air.

∙ Inhalation of coal mine dusts in pure form can cause respiratory diseases.

∙ The risk of developing cancer may increase as a result of breathing gases that affect the respiratory tract.

∙ Machines used for mining can make loud noises. This can cause hearing damage to the ears.

∙ Exposure of miners to intense heat in order to reach deep mines can cause skin diseases.

Human Health in Mining Industry​

Working in a labor-intensive industry such as mining also requires to have a highly secure business area. Employees risk their lives in order to excavate many mines that benefit our country by manpower. KBT Electricity firm, which is aware of this sacrifice, offers its products to you in terms of occupational safety. KBT Electric company, which was founded in the 1980s, offers you quality service thanks to its strong and experienced team. KBT Electricity company, which has CE, EAC, ATEX certificates since 2016, continues to work for your satisfaction thanks to its rich production capacity. If you want to access KBT Electricity, you can reach us via the contact information on the site. In this way, you can maximize the occupational safety of conveyor belts in mining operations.