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Rope Emergency Stop Switches

It is known by all businesses and employers that injuries caused by conveyor belts in heavy industry cost businesses thousands of dollars every year. Many of the injuries and even deaths as a result of these occupational accidents that occur on the conveyor belts are caused by the spillage of materials from the belt or the pinching, pinching and entrapment of the limbs of the workers. In addition, under certain conditions in extremely dusty environments, airborne dust can ignite and cause severe explosions. Conveyor belt systems are systems that provide economy to the technical unit or factory that use closed circuit systems to reduce the number of workers in transportation within the factory, which allows the products in the enterprise / factory to reach from one place to another.

          In a pull wire emergency stop system, the conveyor belt should also be designed to shut down automatically if the pull wire breaks. It should be possible to open the conveyor belt only after the emergency stop switch has been manually turned on again. The emergency stop system, which can be accessed from every point of the belt system, is of great importance. The pull rope switch is the most important circuit breaker that provides a safe stop in an emergency. These switches, which are used as a result of a sudden situation in the conveyor system, are used to prevent damage to both the employee and the system. These switches are conveyor safety accessories designed to be interlocked with conveyor shutdown systems in the event of maintenance or an emergency.

Rope Emergency Stop Switch , Conveyor Belt Safety Equipment

          This accessory is a double-sided emergency stop device mounted on a wire rope with a maximum length of 2x50 meters. The rope allows operators to take action quickly and easily when an emergency occurs and the conveyor needs to be shut down. Wire rope emergency stop switch is designed to alarm and shut down the conveyor in case of misalignment of the conveyor belt. Emergency stop switches can be mounted on the walkway or anywhere on the route where the conveyor parts are transported, where personnel can access it. Simple to use and install, this rope emergency stop switch consists of a compact and ergonomic structure to meet the requirements of performing an emergency stop on dangerous machinery. Wire rope switches are needed at every point where conveyor systems operate. Rope switch is the most important circuit breaker that provides safe stopping in emergency situations. These products, which are used in a sudden situation in the conveyor system, are designed to prevent damage to both the employee and the system.