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Tilt Switch- Tilt and Motion Sensor

Tilt Switch- Tilt and Motion Sensor

  • Simple Operation  •  Low Cost  •  Contact Structure

The tilt switch is easy to install and requires no routine maintenance. It is an affordable, reliable level indicator. Suspended from a flexible cable over a control point, it provides operation with a switch located in the probe.The principle of operation is quite simple.

When the fluid material fills the bottom of the switch, the probe rises and with it the inclination reaches 15 degrees, it activates a microswitch. Tilt switches may be routinely used in warehouses, silos, a conveyor belt, or on an open pit.

It can be used as a suspended tilt switch or with float logic in any silo for blocked channel detection. There are several different contact structures within a tilt switch. A contact structure operating in a magnetic structure can sometimes be used as a mercury-supported structure. The tilt switch housing may vary depending on the environment. Stainless steel body is used for light powder fluid materials, and cast iron body with a more durable structure is used for fluid materials such as heavy hard coal. In order to eliminate the immersion of the probe in the fluid material, these probe structures can also be in the form of a body structure that provides indication by detecting the angular position of the probe structures called cross paddle type and a floating sphere (float ball) structure. Tilt switches are suitable for working in all kinds of harsh environments and have the upper protection class.  For areas where the temperature is high, a high temperature sensitive cable structure is used in these areas. The protection process can be applied in a simple way with any casing material to protect the cable structure. With an external control unit, a warning structure can be set up independently of the existing system. It is convenient to connect directly to the existing PLC without the need for this panel.


• 12,5A - 120VAC  

•  -40°C...+190°C

• Easy Installation and simple mounting.

All probe models are resistant to air, dust and water.

Stainless Steel and Die Casting Body

IP68 Protection Class

CE and EAC Certificate

High Temperature and Heavy Conditions Resistant

Tilt Switch Sensor Usage Areas

• Compartment level indicator and / or control at high points.

• Detection of the clogged conveyor transfer point.

• Plugged Chute Detection

• Level control in the silo

• Silo congestion control

• Crusher bowl level indicator and / or control.

• Fluid loss indicator and / or control on the conveyor.

• Conveyor belt slip indicator and / or alarm.

• Boom stackers.

• Radial stackers.


Tilt Switch Chute Chute Clogged Product Groups

SS-43 Series

Stainless Steel Body

SS-43HT Series

High Temperature Resistant Stainless Steel Body

CB-39 Series

Die Casting Body

CB-39HT Series 

High Temperature Resistant Die Casting Body

SS-55 Series

Stainless Steel Body Cross Paddle 

SS-51HT Series

High Temperature Resistant Stainless Steel Body Cross Paddle 

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