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What are IK Ratings? Impact Protection Tests - IK09

IK ratings are tests that determine the rate of protection against impact. The IEC 62262 standard determined by the International Electrotechnical Commission has stated that this ratio should be determined for many electrical equipment.

Therefore, products must be put to the test. This test also has degrees of protection. As these degrees increase, the protection rates also increase. As an example to this; While IK00 means unprotected, IK03 is protected against 0.35 joules of impact. IK09 is resistant to 10 joules. This represents an effect of 5 kg. This ratio is one of the determining factors when choosing a product. Especially if the environmental effects are negative or risky, the product that is most resistant to impact is preferred. It is possible to understand this with the codes given to the product. These tests, which are used in many areas, are also decisive for the life of the products.

How is the HR Test Done?

The IK test is a test performed to detect the situations that the products may experience in case of impact. This previous test determines the durability of the product, while increasing or decreasing the preference rate of the product.

The dimensions determined during the IK test are preferred and each IK number has a different weight and impact energy from the other. The impact energy, ie joules, will be different between IK01 and IK09. Although the main determinant is the impact energy, there are other factors as well. Drop heights, material and mass factors are decisive. At the same time, methods such as pendulum and spring hammer are applied depending on the IK number, that is, the IK test. To this must be added the method of free fall. All this is decisive for the IK number.

Especially after IK07, the energy surplus is always 100% and above, so every measure in these products is examined in detail. Especially IK09 is in this group.

When choosing an IK code, it is important to determine factors such as cost, power and product life. However, depending on its quality, it is also decisive for the future and image of the brand. It reduces the failure rate and the longevity of the product is also an advantage for the brand.