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What is ATEX? How to Get ATEX Certificate?

What is ATEX Certificate?

Atex certificate, also known as Atex certificate, acts as a mandatory document for the trade of European countries. This document provides product-based certification by ensuring the safety of flammable materials and flammable environments. When asking the question of what is an Atex certificate, first of all, it is necessary to learn about the history of Atex, what it is and its content.

What is Atex?

Many people in the trade ask the question of what is the Atex certificate and what is Atex. Atex is part of the European Union trade. Atex was completely voluntary in the first stage. However, in 2003, it became a mandatory agreement between the entire European Union and the countries on the European Union candidate list.

Atex is known as "Atmospheres Explosives" in its long form. While Atex legislation accelerates trade between the European Union and candidate countries, it also provides security. For this reason, Atex is one of the preferred legislation. Atex certificate is divided into two main headings. While one of them emphasizes human safety, the other is applied for workplace safety. When asking the question of what is an Atex certificate, it is necessary to know the difference between these two directives. The first of these is Atex 137. While this worker has basic protection, Atex 95 is a directive on protecting equipment and the workplace. KBT Elektrik products are produced in accordance with ATEX standard, you can learn all our certificates here.

How to Get ATEX Certificate?

Conditions must be met in order to obtain the Atex certificate. Atex certificate is not required for every situation and every product in the trade. Required for products and situations where there is a risk of fire or explosion. First of all, the probability of explosion is calculated. At the same time, an examination will be made on the electrical operation and combustion situation in the area. The substances in the facility and the product obtained are the main factors. The explosion that may occur is also calculated and a document is issued accordingly.

In return, if it is a dangerous area, a demonstration is requested. Likewise, if the product is dangerous, a documentation regarding this will also be provided. Instructions for use are mandatory. In addition, if the product is to be assembled, an instruction is also required. Possible prevention methods should also be determined. Language alternatives are a must in the operating instructions and safety instructions. When asking the question of what is an Atex document, it is necessary to know the short representation. The Atex mark is the CE mark. In addition, the manufacturer and address of the product creator are requested. Production date and serial-type number are also required. In this way, trade will become much faster. Exproof, on the other hand, is the product regulation produced in accordance with the environments where explosive, flammable and harmful gases are present.