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Workplace Safety Using Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts have more than one type and therefore the occupational safety measures to be taken also vary. While conveyor belt occupational safety measures differ depending on the type of material being transported, the type of conveyor belt, the type of conveyor belt material and many other factors, there are some precautions to be taken to protect both the place where it is located and everyone working in the environment.

What is Conveyor Belt?

With the conveyor belt system, it provides the opportunity to do much more work while making the least use of manpower. Conveyor belt distance can be changed depending on the need. The conveyor belt system is actually a system that has been used for several centuries, albeit in an archaic way. Today, it has become a technological one and can develop within itself. Especially for the materials of conveyor belts, there are many alternatives. The first of these alternatives is the steel belts, which is the first usage example of the conveyor belt. Later, with the use of plastic, conveyor belts have evolved towards this area. However, apart from this, it can be fabric, leather or metal. It is also open to change depending on the material to be transported on it.

While conveyor belts are involved in the transportation process of a material, they can also perform loading or unloading operations. It is an important invention that minimizes manpower by serving more than one purpose and enables the transport of more material with one hundred percent compared to human power. Of course, conveyor belts have many different options, and depending on the type of material to be transported, the weight and width of the belt, as well as the material of the belt, can change.

Considerations for Conveyor Belt Occupational Safety

Since conveyor belts can have alternatives, the things to be considered are different according to the belt. While some conveyor belts have a mechanical system, some have an electronic system. Conveyor belt occupational safety measures to be taken in both are different from each other. There are many situations that should be considered in conveyor belts, which are preferred in many factories in terms of speeding up the operation. If the conveyor belt occupational safety measures that should be taken for these systems are taken, the possible life danger of the employees will be prevented.

Fire hazard is one of the hazards that require conveyor belt occupational safety. This applies to every system, and since the conveyor belt is used in long distances, much more attention should be paid. At the same time, if the conveyor belt is electrical, it is possible to face completely electrical hazards.

Of course, in addition to all these dangers, there is also the possibility of falling of the transported material. In this case, the correct conveyor belt selection may not be made or there may be some deterioration. Especially since conveyor belts cannot always be on a flat surface, it is also possible for materials descending from a certain height to fall on the person. Some precautions should be taken to avoid such situations.

Conveyor Belt Occupational Safety Precautions

Although the conveyor belt can be dangerous in some cases, it is also possible to prevent many possibilities when necessary work precautions are taken. If it is desired to prevent the possibility of fire, then there can be fire extinguishers in more than one place and the number of areas where employees can exit can be increased. It also needs to be checked regularly.

In particular, some conveyor belts do not have a straight forward system, which brings with it situations such as overturning and falling. As conveyor belt occupational safety measures, it is necessary to choose the conveyor belt material in a form that can hold and fix the material carried on it. In this way, no matter how high the material comes from or rises, it will not be possible to experience a fall. This is important in terms of ensuring the occupational safety of the people working around it. In addition to these, a different conveyor belt design and systematic can be made in order to prevent possible falls.

Conveyor belt occupational safety hazards and precautions may also change in both cases, depending on whether it is mechanical or electrical. Mechanical conveyor belts contain many parts and therefore conveyor belts should be checked regularly. In this way, a possible problem can be prevented when there are problems with the parts. In electrical conveyor belts, safety precautions should be taken in connection with electricity. In particular, the risk of leakage should be prevented.

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