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XCRT115, XCRT215, XCRT315 Limit Switch

The limit switch, can be used in many mechanical products today. The use of limit switches is quite high due to its ease of installation and advantageous use. Many industrial equipment is kept safe with the limit switch. It prevents possible breakdowns and is therefore also known as budget friendly.

Since it has a very simple system, once installed, there is nothing that requires you to do it again, and it does not tire you out thanks to its ease of use. It is the equivalent of the XCRT115, XCRT215 and XCRT315 limit switch products that we currently produce and provides the same service. While the price is affordable, it is not reflected in the working process of this product and the product shows the same performance as the original. For this reason, XCRT 115, XCRT 215 and XCRT 315 limit switch equivalent products are frequently preferred. These budget-friendly products are also quick and easy to install. At the same time, it prevents a possible problem by protecting your industrial machines.

XCRT115, XCRT215 and XCRT315 limit switch equivalents, which should be used in conveyor belt systems, thus prevent a possible slip or disruption on the conveyor belt. In case of slippage in the conveyor belt system, it stops the system and prevents major damage. The use of limit switches is an advantage especially for conveyor belt systems used in different sizes in many different areas today.

What is Limit Switch?

The limit switch has the task of stopping many mechanical devices when they are changed to a movement other than the existing movement. In other words, it must be stopped when it goes beyond the limit of mechanical tools and operation. In this way, possible electrical failures or serious explosions are prevented. Limit switches can be used in numerous mechanical tools. It is possible to give many examples of this. In some cases, stopping the machine when it starts to work faster than the required speed or when it goes beyond the limits in terms of size both ensures the safety of the employees and prevents any material damage that may occur.

Limit switches should definitely be used, especially in conveyor belts. If there is a change in the alignment of the conveyor belts or in any problem, the conveyor belt stops and a serious malfunction is prevented. Limit switch XCRT115, XCRT215 and XCRT315 equivalents perform this task, providing a budget-friendly operation and saving many problems.

Although many companies have different sizes of conveyor belt, it is not the size of the conveyor belt that matters here. Either way, a limit switch system is needed. Although the installation is simple, the XCRT 315, XCRT 215 and XCRT 115 limit switch counterparts have the same installation.

Where to Use XCRT115, XCRT215, XCRT315 Limit Switch?

The limit switch is highly prototypical as well as having a reliable system. This is easy to install and does not cause any weight. While limit switches are used for countless mechanical tools, they have become the favorite of the industry.

Limit switch systems are found in every part of our lives in addition to machines. It is especially used in the doors in the car parks, freight elevators and in addition to these, all doors that open fully automatically etc. The most common thing we see is transport systems in addition to automatic opening and closing systems. It is also used in all moving systems such as conveyor belts. Conveyor belt system is especially needed in every company, large or small, but a limit switch is essential for the safety of the system. Our equivalent products, XCRT315, XCRT115 and XCRT215 limit switches, are both more affordable and based on safety. The limit switch, which is suitable for use in systems that are much heavier than its own size, is known as an important technological tool for the industry.

The limit switch, which has a place in every field of the industry, also prevents many material and moral damages. Limit switch systems are with us in every aspect of our lives and are also present in many electrical products used in daily life. But mainly its industrial use is much higher. The sensing capacity of the limit switch system varies according to its types, and therefore it is important to choose the right type for the right purpose.

Our limit switch XCRT115, XCRT215 and XCRT315 equivalent products are not only produced in accordance with CE standards, but also fully meet EAC standards for the Russian market. Its usage area is wide and it is used in many machines up to 90 degrees, it is also suitable for use in machines that cool down to -40 degrees and in cold environments. This diversity makes it suitable for use almost anywhere in the world. Our products, which are guaranteed for 36 months, are completed with the assembly on the body and are then ready for use. Our equivalent products used for the conveyor belt system are completely produced by us and show one-to-one work for conveyor systems.

What are the Advantages of Limit Switch Product?

While the limit switches is divided into types, the advantages of each type are determined by the places of use. Our XCRT115, XCRT215 and XCRT315 limit switch equivalent products are suitable for use in conveyor systems and their advantages vary in this respect. These advantages apply to all conveyor systems, big or small.

• It has the principle of opening and playing up to 70 degrees as - and +. This increases the usage area with the potential to stretch in possible situations. In this NSR55-BM product, it can go up to 90 degrees with – and +.

• It does not lose any of its working power up to +90 degrees and is not affected by cooling down to -40 degrees. This increases its use in many parts of the world. While this situation is valid for the TPR55-BM product, it is possible to say that the NSR55-BM product can withstand temperatures up to -35 degrees.

• Our products have a warranty of up to 36 months, and the negativities experienced during this process will be considered within the scope of warranty and will be corrected or a new one will be provided if necessary.

• The assembly process of the limit switch product, which is included in the system after assembly, is very easy. The assembly of our XCRT115, XCRT215 and XCRT315 limit switch equivalent products is exactly the same and can be done in a short time.

• It is resistant to all kinds of corrosion. This is the proof that it will provide long-term use. Although it is thought that it will be a problem especially when used in places where chemical studies are carried out, there is no possibility of corrosion.

• Our products fully meet both CE and CEA standards. It is also possible to use in the Russian market.

• Limit switch systems consume very little electricity and are seen as both budget and nature friendly.

• It has a very high load-lifting capability and is known for its capacity to lift more than one. However, such information should be obtained separately before it is taken.

• Regardless of the length or width of conveyor belt systems, it has the capacity to handle it and prevents problems that may occur in the conveyor belt system.

How to Use Limit Switch?

The use of limit switch products starts with installation. The installation process of limit switch products with manual installation must be done completely. There are necessary files related to this, and when they are followed gradually, the installation will take place in a short time and the conveyor will be mounted on the system.

Limit switches are placed on the switch parts and both sides of the conveyor belts. In this way, possible slips are prevented from both sides. With correct alignment, it is possible to prevent many material damage. It does not have any special difficulties in terms of use and it does not need any maintenance after starting to use it. For this reason, there is no situation that requires it to be removed from the switch in the conveyor system. In case of possible problems, exchange is possible for up to 36 months and this applies to all products. These products, which are used in heavy industry systems, are fast moving systems that prevent serious material damage and ensure the health of many people. XCRT315, XCRT215 and XCRT115 limit switch can be easily installed by purchasing equivalent products.