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What is Bulk Moulding Compound BMC Material? What are the advantages?

Composite is known as the combination of more than one material to form a different material. However, the materials used in the composite material and the product composite materials obtained are also divided into different groups within themselves. One of them was determined as thermoset and the other as thermoplastic material. It is possible to reshape and re-mould these materials.

What is BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound) Production Method?

The BMC method is similar to the SMC method. However, the main difference here is that the BMC production method is not in sheet form, but in dough form. It is not expected to acquire a consistency as in the SMC production method. The SMC method is realized by mixing the composite mixture into a paste in a preheated metal mold and speaking. With the high pressure method, it takes the shape of the mold and the composite material emerges. It is advantageous for mass production. However, there are disadvantages, not advantages, for large-scale materials. In the BMC method, on the other hand, the composite dough can be shaped directly into the mold without waiting. It is also possible to inject a closed mold with injectors, which is often preferred. This method allows to produce much more products. It is used especially in the automotive industry and in the production of parts of many electrical materials.

Benefits of Bulk Moulding Compound ( BMC ) Composite Material

While the biggest difference of Bulk Moulding Compound material is mass production, it is also possible to produce larger materials, unlike the SMC method. At the same time, it ensures that a material is produced in the most accurate way and in the same way as the others. Molding cost is also one of the remarkable factors in this group. The decrease in the molding cost provides the company with a large amount of gains in mass production.

Composite materials are also long-lasting. The reason for this is that there is no possibility of rusting. At the same time, there is no wear. This allowed composite materials to last longer than other materials. This is one of the reasons why composite material is more preferred. Composite material, which is suitable for many different climatic environments, can be used in many fields and weather conditions in the world.