NSR55-BM Limit Switch – Conveyor Belt Alingment Switch


  • Metal Casting Body
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • 2NO / 2NC Contact Structure
  • CE, EAC Standards
  • 3 Years Replacement Warranty
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NSR55-BM Limit Switch – Conveyor Belt Alingment Switch

It is designe to alert and turn off the conveyor system in case of misalignment of the conveyorl belt. Its resistance to heavy conditions makes it reliable in the long term and suitable for most industrial applications. Enclosure structure is resistant to corrosion by being covered with metal casting and static paint. Shaft and lever Shaft and lever mechanisms are made of stainless steel. The handle mechanism has a stainless steel cylindrical structure and works with two bearings inside. NSR55-BM Arm belt slide switches (limit switches) are mounted on both sides of the conveyor belt to be connected to the chassis. The belt slding switch, also called the limit switch, is desgined to prevent damage to the belts and equipment due to the misalignment of the conveyor belt. Limit switches and specific limit switches used as industrial automation systems save time by reducing system downtime and maintenance costs.

 The cylinder arm of the specific limit switch is placed approximately 15cm from the normal belt position. When the belt starts to slide, it comes into contact with the roller arm. As a result of the application of more force on the band arm, the cylinder arm moves from its current position and the micro switch is triggered at 15 ° and activates the alarm. Thus, corrective action can be taken.  If the band continues to slide, the system is stopped by activating the second micro switch at 18 ° position. Alarm contact structure is offered optionally. All products are manufactured in accordance with CE standards and meet EAC standards for the Russian market. NSR55-BM series products do not require any maintenance. Please check manual file for product usage.

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Technique Information

Enclosure Zinc Alloy
Cable  Entry Pg13,5
Temperature Degree -35°C - +90°C
Angle of Contact 15° and 18°
Enclosure Color Red (RAL 3020) + Black (RAL 9005)
Weight 1,155 Kg
Montage Structure Mounting on the body
Product Specific Application Conveyor Belt Shift Monitoring
Contact Operation Sudden moving
Minimum Opening Torque 1 N.m
Minimum Operating Speed 0,01
Number of Steps 2 m/min
Maximum Movement Angle  -90 ° / 90 °
Mechanical Durability 300000 movements
Warranty 36 Moths


Adjustable Angle

Arm Length and Diameter


Impact Resistance

18 ms for 30 gn
Protection Class IP65
Vibration Resistance 9 gn (f= 10…500 Hz)

Safety Approvals

Electrical Safety  EN 60947 
Mechanical Safety  EN 60204
Outdoor Security  EN 60529
Current Certificate CE
Russian Market  EAC

Electrical Structure

Contact Insulation Form Za
Contact Code Display  AC-15 (Ue = 240 V), Ie = 3 A approve
DC-13 (Ue = 250 V), Ie = 0,27 A  approve
Nominal Insulation Voltage 500 V 
Maximum Resistance Between Terminals 25 MOhm
Nominal Impact Withstand Voltage 6 kV
Short Circuit Protection 10 A
Electrical Durability 5000000 motion

Model Feature List

Model Alarm Stop Reset
NC NO Angle NC NO Angle
NSR55-BM 1 1 15° 18°  **

What is Limit Switch?

The limit switches produced by KBT Elektrik provide belt security by stopping the belt system and giving an alarm against the mishaps that may occur in the conveyor belt system. Our limit switch products increase machine and human safety to the highest level by instantly intervening in the problems that may occur in the enterprises where band systems are used. Thus, material damages in the system are prevented. NSR55-BM series, which we produce as limit switches (specific limit switches), is suitable for heavy industrial conditions. Corrosion-resistant cast metal is used in the body. The handle mechanism is made of stainless steel. With the IP65 class, the products are resistant to dust and water. We recommend our NSR55-BM series product to prevent misalignment of the belt in the conveyor belt system.